Mold Release Agent Technology is 

No Longer Relevant Today

Mold release alternative? New alternative technology has arrived. Why waste time and money using mold release agents? What if you could reduce cycle time and failure rates? What if you didn't need to use mold release agents anymore?

The New Alternative is Here to Stay

Nanomouldrelease micro surface coating measures 100 - 200 nanometers (0.1 - 0.2 microns) in thickness. It offers superb anti-stick dry lubricity and works through a good range of temperature. In fact, it works so well that you might not even need to use mold release agents anymore.

It's Easy to Apply

Nanomouldrelease is applied onto a surface as a clear liquid. As this liquid evaporates, a nano-sized mesh-like structure self-assembles. After
8 - 12 hours of curing (exposure to air), it sets and is ready to use.
Mold Release Agent Alternative that Works

Mold Release Agent Alternative that Works

Mold release agents have to be applied over and over again. This is a costly and time-consuming. The problem of cross-contamination and transmigration require parts to be washed.

Nanomouldrelease is the new technology mold release alternative micro surface coating. It repels water and oils but is vapour permeable. This mold release alternative works reliably from -50°C to 450°C. It has good dry lubricity and prevents corrsion, buildups and solves outgassing problems. It doesn't crack, flake or peel and also offers more than 95% UV protection.

Reduces Cycle Time and Overtime

Nanotechnological advancements lower your operational costs by saving you time, labor  and money. The new mold release alternative gives new life to designs and materials that were once impossible to work with. It transforms barely-breaking-even businesses into lucrative ones by reducing cycle time, failure rates and maintenance stoppages.

Leave the Competition Behind

There are only so many hours in a day. Do you want to spend that time  standing around and staring at your machine? Or would you rather spend that time increasing your production output ?  

Stop using mold release agents today. Discover the new mold release technology. Nanomouldrelease: the new mold release alternative.

Nano mould release coating can SAVE MORE,
DO MORE in less time, WITHOUT mold release agents!
It ONLY cost $6~7 / ft and last 20,000 ~ 100,000 cycles!

Nano mold release coating
Anti stick demo PVA resins 

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