:: Super Diamond Truing Tool
dsd diamond wheel trueing dresser tool dsd diamond wheel trueing dresser 1

JIGCO Super Diamond & CBN Trueing tools manufactured by BPITECH, Singapore is a technological breakthrough in trueing Resin bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels.
Utilizing special diamond powder and exotic metal combination,
offering superior trueing capabilitiescompare to other conventional methods.
** JIGCO Super Diamond are not made from common molybdenum material **

To restore Resin bonded Diamond and CBN wheel back to it's full cutting efficiency, wheels can now be trued with our product, Jigco Super diamond trueing tools instead of silicon carbide brake trueing device or molybedenum rod or bars.

In most grinding process, out-of-roundness is not a major problem with cup and face wheels such as Types 11V9, 12, 15 and 6. Straight diamond wheels such as Type 1A1 usually require trueing after mounting. An out-of-roundness straight wheel will pound the work piece surface, reducing wheel life and impairing surface finish.
This can be avoided by trueing the wheel so that its entire surface is concentric
with the spindle within 12 microns.

Diamond & CBN wheels trued by our tool will perform excellent cutting action with correct
surface finish according to the mesh size of the Diamond and CBN grits. 

Resin Bonded Diamond and CBN grinding wheels can be trued precisely with Jigco Super Diamond trueing tool without removing from the machine.

Our tools can be trued Dry without Coolant within 12 micron on Straight wheels, angled wheels, side walls of the wheelsand even in centerless grinding.

:: Major benifits in using Jigco Super Diamond Truing Tools

Compact Size, available in various sizes, dia. ¼’, 3/8’ , ½’ , 5/8’, ¾’ x 1-3/4’ length.

Efficiency, True resinoid Diamond and CBN wheels faster with precise diamond grit protrusion. Excellent for Pitching wheels, Side wall or reverse taper trueing where accuracy is concerned.
Unlike Molybdenum rods, remover is 50%-60% lower in efficiency. In result of higher tool cost and down time spend.
Lesser Mess, Health hazardous and Cleaner environment
Normal brake trueing device generates massive dust particles during trueing resinoid Diamond & CBN wheels. Long term exposure to these in-organic silicon carbide particles is health hazardous to breathing system in human being.
dsd super diamond trueing dresser tool

Step By Step Trueing guide with Super Diamond
Resin bonded Diamond & CBN Wheel

A wheel trued with Jigco Super diamond trueing Tool will exhibit excellent cutting action on
work pieces and leave a correct surface finish
( In accordance with the grit size of the Diamond or CBN wheel )
Step 1
Place JIGCO trueing tool in tool holder (the same type tool holder used for holding diamond dresser). Expose not more than 12mm of trueing tool (on radius dresser more is allowed).
Step 2
Turn off work light to better observe active sparking interface. Turn off coolant.
Step 3

Set up feed (tool travel) to move at a moderate to fast speed. An active sparking interface is the desired effect. Excessive tool wear will be the result of a slow feed setting.

Step 4
Set up down feed using the chart below. Correct down feed is determined by the hardness and grit size of the wheel.
It is important to note at this point that more is better when it comes to calculating the downfeed of the wheel to be trued. DO NOT "Baby" the tool! Cautious down feeding of the wheel to be trued will simply wear away the JIGCO trueing tool with no positive effect on the diamond or CBN wheel.
Step 5

Allow JIGCO Trueing Tool to make several passes ( 2-3 ) at this position.
( Trueing in one direction will only leave a crown on the wheel. )

Maximum down feed ( or in feed )

D181 or Coarser 100 micron
D91 to 64 70 micron
D54 or Finner 50 micron
Step 6

Reduce the down feed of the wheel with each set of 3 passes across the wheel,
for example by going from 25micron to 12micron and then to 5micron until the wheel is trued.
A wheel trued in this manner will exhibit superb cutting action on work pieces and leave a correct surface finish
( in accordance with the grit size of diamond or CBN wheel ).

:: Standard Sizes
U/ Wt.
1~10 pc
50 pcs
100 pcs
200 pc
6 mm
45 mm
22 gram

Wholesale pricing from USD39 ~ 110

9 mm
45 mm
52 gram
24 gram
55 gram
Custom sizes are also avaliable on request.